Reviews of the Member's Gallery

I want to share with You the letters I received.
I truly enjoyed reading them.
-Mistress Karin

Your art is exactly my unrealized dream!

I looked at your website...I do not remember how I eventually got to it...and stayed for hours. I am amazed!

Not only are you a beautiful woman but what you enjoy is what I have dreamed of all my life. I visited a Dom that looked promising a couple of times in my life and was twice disappointed. Before doing so again, I found a review site and came to believe that what I was looking for was just not out there. Phoniness, acting, drawing the line way too soon, being allowed to concoct a scene of my own then attempting to fulfill my desire in a highly watered-down fashion is just not what I ever wanted. Getting the real pleasure out of going home afterward and redoing the scene in my head where I didn't know what would happen and did things beyond myself and not for myself... how it should have been... is a pathetic alternative to what I always wanted.

I saw things on your site that I thought I was the only one who ever thought of. To see you doing them shocked me! To see the pleasure in your face as you did so blew my mind! I am still shaking! I wanted to drop you this note (after reading the personal statement you left) just to say that I appreciate your art more than you can imagine. I truly am amazed as you state you hope people will be. It is like a new world for me... really. I no longer feel that these fantasies are strange - just better than everyone else's and indeed not unlike yours!

Dear Mistress Karin,

Your Web Site is the finest I have ever found!

When I look thru your pages, I find my breathing becoming shallow and quick, I believe it's because the blood is being uncontrollably sucked from my head to parts elsewhere.

You asked for comments and suggestions, I have a lot of comments, but few suggestions.

First and foremost, you are the most Drop Dead Gorgeous Lady I have ever seen (Gorgeous in the dictionary means "supremely beautiful") how fitting.

Second, the way you dress during your sessions is what every male dreams of, tied down to a bench, naked and looking up at you is a sight most men will never see, but thanks to your site and you and your beautiful photography it brings a person as close as most people will get.

Third, your submissives have hard ons! I don't know how many sites and movies I have seen with limp dicked, fake tied up submissives with some kind of stupid plot and horrible acting not to mention a whip made out of yarn. The way you pull, squeeze and yank cocks is thrilling.

You are no B.S., lets get to it!!!

Forth, having your submissives always naked and hooded is so perfect.

Respectfully submitted,


Dear Mistress Karin.

      I've read and viewed your website and I am unable to resist blurting out from all aspects of your beauty, intelligence, sense of humor, wicked sexuality and maturity...WOW!

    Well, your using "Wow!" in your description is honest and simply perfect. You want your clients or subscribers to say "Wow!" And that is exactly what I've said having experienced your images, persona, and personality via your website. You are obviously down to earth and real and you give 100%. You are not satisfied with "good enough." The fact that you are so capable at such an early stage in your life only confirms that in your ART, you are like Beethoven, Rembrandt, DaVinci... a genius.

    I am not only completely weak in your presence because of your sexual impact upon my soul, but your achievement in developing your "product," the Mistress Karin persona. There is NOBODY that even comes close. I praise you and honor you. I am among other things, a major FAN. I thank God you exist.



Hello Mistress Karin,

Your clips are the hottest, the best on the entire web as far as SM-Domination is concerned. You do a GREAT job on your website. You're skillful, imaginative, sadistic to the right point, never too 'theatrical' nor too boring (on the contrary!) ... what can I say ... I'm impressed !! I've never spent my money so happily!

Keep up the good work!


Don’t let the sleek and magnificent body of this amazing Fem Dom deceive you…She is more than capable of controlling the most lowly subs in a very adept manner… Her beauty will awe you from the moment you look at her very first photo in Mistress Karin Von Kroft’s web site… Inside the member’s area, you will be allowed to view “Movie Clips” of Mistress Karin performing in some of Her very exclusive sessions... Not that you deserve it, but Mistress Karin has laid out Her Movie Page very nicely and has set it up so that you can download clips for various Video Software programs…She has also made the clips in assorted sizes to accommodate a viewers dial up connection…Avery unique service Mistress Karin offers is “Pay Per View” where you can order and download full length video sessions to view at your leisure… Photo galleries are all excellent and you will be begging an opportunity to please your newfound Mistress… similar to the “Pleasing Mistress” gallery…where a fortunate slave is seen worshipping Mistress Karin’s temple with his tongue. “What an honor” *grin*… After viewing the video clips and hearing the exotic and demanding voice of Mistress Karin…you will surely devote your entire being to this Great Fem Dom…in the hope of, one day, gaining the opportunity to service and please Mistress Karin!…

Reviewed by Master Ice on August 8, 2002


Mistress Karin,

Today, on Easter morning, i just purchased and downloaded You wonderful "slap and spit" video and i want You to know that this was absolutely intoxicating.

i have watched it over and over and i am absolutely mezmorized by You. You are absolutely, stunningly beautiful, and deserve to be worshipped, adored, pampered, surrendered to, and obeyed in every possible way. While watching the video, i long to kneel in front of You. i long to be slapped and kicked by You. i long to be spit upon by You and to taste you spit. i fantasize about being Your toilet, ash tray, seat cushion, or whatever You want.

In summary, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.....A million times Thank You. i can think of no better way to spend Easter than worshipping You.

slave wannabe

Dear Mistress Karin,
I just adore you and your site. I visit it every few days, and I find it agonizing waiting for you to send your updates. I really look forward to them, and I smile at you when I can see the real pleasure in your face when you are putting a slave thru his paces.

Dear Mistress Karin,
i wish to humbly express my sincere thanks to You for the numerous pictures, stories, and pay-for-view downloads that You make available to all of us lowly, loyal devotees.

Viewing and watching You every day feeds my submissive existence, and re- affirms my desire to worship You. i have humbly exercised the privilege of buying many, many of Your pay-for-view video downloads and i cannot get enough of You. The more i am treated to You the more i crave You. Your new "champagne in the glass" video was especially addicting, as was "using her slave". "ass worship", and many others.

Please, please, please keep feeding me. You are my superior in every way. You own my body and mind.

i have to write YOU this email after being a member of YOUR site for several months now to tell YOU what YOU probably already know, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!
There is NOT another Woman in the entire history of the world who is anywhere near as GREAT as YOU!! YOU are sexy! YOU are Sensuous! YOU are Powerful! YOU are beautiful!! YOU are Smart!! YOU are Strong!! YOU are the BEST MISTRESS ON THE WEB!!! THE BEST IN THE WORLD, EVER!!! When i go to YOUR site i can't help but get HARD real fast. YOUR site has the best pictures and NOT just because they are of YOU!! Although that surely is the main reason!! They are also just the best real session pictures anywhere!!! Real pictures of a Real Sexy Dominant Mistress playing with Her slaves. i love YOUR legs...YOUR feet...YOUR ass....YOUR firm breasts....i worship YOUR anus....YOUR sex hole is my personal shrine...i pray that i some day will even sniff the smell that emanates from it!
YOU are my GODDESS!! YOU are my QUEEN and i will be YOUR slave forever!
submissively YOURS,
slave david

Mistress Karin,
I just joined Your members site today. Oh, my!!! I'm completely taken a back. I have seen pictures of many Mistresses. However, Your pictures have something I've never seen before. You have a presence! I've been slowly going through Your photo galleries for a number of hours. I've been hard for every instant of that time.
I am unsure of what exactly it is, but You have an undefinable quality that just grabs me by the scrotum and demands my attention.

Thank You for sharing Yourself like this.

Dear Mistress Karin,
I am so glad that I became a member of your website...every time I login to view the pics and video clips, I get an immediate hard on at just the site of are truly are very gorgeous...I can't help but masturbate while fantasizing about being your slave, drinking your nectar and pleasuring you with my tongue...I can't wait to schedule a session with will be a dream come true...hopefully you will accept me as the pathetic bootlicker that I am...your slave, Michael..P.S. thanks so much for giving us slaves the pleasure of seeing your beautiful body on the web...well, my dick is hard again thinking about you, so I am going to go relieve myself while fantasizing about being on my hands and knees lapping at your most intimate and wonderful pleasure spot...

Dear Mistress Karin,

I have recently joined your web site and wanted to let you know how fabulous I think you are.
I have never joined a 'pay site' before, but your beauty, style and elegance come through so strongly that I felt compelled to join. I am thoroughly pleased! In fact, I am more enamored with you than I would have ever thought possible!!
All the best,


Keep up the good work, i downloaded some of your
videos and never came so much in one day.


Mistress Karin,

Again, a great update. Your feet are so incredible, just like the rest of You. Your beautiful face and penetrating eyes - Your pert, beautiful breasts - Your firm, six-packed abdomen - Your long, muscular legs - Your round succulent ass - Your incredible cunt. You are a Goddess of goddesses. The picture of You with the "world" at Your cunt is incredibly appropriate. Wish i could be there to drink one of Your "golden cocktails" for New Year's Eve.

slave jim

Hi Mistress Karin
I recently became a member of your website. It made my week, if not month. I am sure you have received plenty of complements on your looks and manners. But you are absolutely what I adore in a woman, confident, sexy, dominant and of course just gorgeous. You make me want to be a slave for ever.
I love your video clips, and have had many orgasms.

Dear Mistress.
A truly wonderful site, the best I've ever visited, You are a special woman one every male with slave inclinations would be honored to serve. Loved your video clips, I kept imagining it was me with you. WOW, what a treat!

Mistress, I have just become a member of your gallery and I love it! Your photos and videos are out of this world. I wish I lived down there in Arizona so I could become one of your LUCKY slaves. I have checked the Dom sites here, and we do have some great ladies, but none that compare to you. Your's is the only site I've joined. I'm 59 years old, yet I look at your gallery in the morning and I stay hard all day just thinking about you. You are a very exciting lady.

Mistress Karin: Just joined your web site this morning, and wanted to let you know how much have enjoyed looking through the content. The pictures and stories made me truly excited. I have had a little experience in BDSM, but the variety of pictures showed how much more their is to the art. The face sitting and mouth dildo sitting were incredible. Both the pictures and stories made me want to further explore my submissive side.

Look forward to further updates on your website.

Dear Mistress Karin,

I cannot tell you how difficult it is to believe that I have actually found a domme like you. If you only knew how tiresome it is searching through ad after ad of female who have no idea of how to treat a man. Then, after a very long time searching, I find a wonder like you.

Not only do you have the best web site I've ever seen, but you seem much too good to actually be true.

- J

Mistress Karin,
What a wonderful thing I did last night, joined Your website!! I thought You were Beautiful before I saw Your site....WOW. Your mpegs literally made me lose my load (bow head) forgive me Mistress.

Hello Mistress.. I have just joined your site yesterday after seeing small clips from your site. Not that I would expect it to be flattering, but I will say to you, you are the only site I have ever joined, and I am glad I choose yours.. I am sure you have offers and proposals by the millions so I will keep this short. I adored your videos. You are certainly a woman to make a man weak and lust after. I have had my share of playmates and interests, but never have I seen a woman before whom I would consider just stunning.. till now. Thank you for placing your site up. I know I can never have you in my life, but knowing someone like you IS out there who can raise such strong desires does give me hope.

Good Afternoon Mistress,
i have just purchased a membership to your site and would like to express my gratitude. You are extremely beautiful. i would love the honor of serving you however distance may be the cruel variable.
Your servant

Dear Mistress Von Kroft, i'm so happy I joined Your website on Tuesday. The content in the photos is right on. i couldn't control myself when I opened up the Mistress III page & dreamt of serving You. Simply divine! The video clips are even more compelling. You really know how to carry Yourself and Your beauty is supreme.

submissively Yours

Dear Mistress Karin,

Finally, for whatever reason, iBill accepted my credit card.
I really enjoyed your Member's site, there was a range of horny things to see.
My favorites were where you used the dildo strapped on the guy's face, and where you sat on the guy's face and made him jack off. Both of these were very sexy.
Another good thing is that you give some close up shots, and generally the camera is not too far away like you get on other sites. Some full body, some half and some close is good.
Also your lighting is good so we can actually see the action.


I am a new member, who is very thankful & overcome with joy at the existence of a being (Goddess of my Dreams) such as Yourself !!! I've been to pros & tried to persuade some everyday ladies to understand me, but it's not every day you come across ' The Natural' ! Truly, You have an Aura which can be felt, loved & appreciated from natural opposites throughout the world! The photos on Your site are superb & the video clips are beyond words & must be experienced to be believed! Oh yeah!!! It also helps to be looking up at The Most Beautiful Goddess in the World when I'm on my knees!!!
Thank You , Goddess for all my happiness & love (it exists only for You)!!!

Thank you mistress for the access to your site. You are very seductive. I like that you seem to be both sensual and strict in your domination. I look forward to seeing more of you.

Hello, Mistress. The latest set of pictures - plus all of the others that have involved this particular slave - are amongst the best Femdom pictures I have ever seen! They are artistic, exciting and beautifully photographed. You are beautiful and the male slave with his perpetual, tormented erection is ideally submissive-looking.

Mistress Karin,

I wanted to thank You for sharing Yourself with the rest of US via Your web site. When I first saw it, I couldn't believe how beautiful You are, and found pictures and stories on Your site that I have not seen on other sites. I particularly enjoy the dildo-gag training pictures. I have yet to meet a Domme that would indulge this particular fetish of mine. Face sitting is one of my favorite activities.

I want to wish You the best of luck with everything. I hope that if I end up in Your area that I could be privilege enough to serve You. Until then, I will have to worship You from afar.

Thank You again, Mistress.

Your humble servant,


Hello Mistress Karin,

Please allow me to complement you on a wonderful website. i am a huge fan of yours. Your photos and writings are so very elegant. i can get lost in your website for hours.

Best regards.

when i saw you pissing in the guys mouth in your video clip I blew my load in my pants without ever touching myself i walked around all day like that thanks your are great

Mistress Karin,
i wish to express my humble thanks and gratitude to You for Your tremendous web site. Not only is it extremely well done, but i find it to be quite addicting. Your "Mistress Walking" video absolutely captivated me. You are gorgeous!!!!!

Dear Mistress Karin,
I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for having one of the best Female Domination sites. I truly enjoyed every photo and clip. I have joined other sites in the past and feel I got "ripped off" but yours was well worth it. I must say not only are you beautiful but you have the look of real dom which you don't see too often.
On My Knees, Your New England Slave

Dear Mistress Karin,

What a great update you made to your website this week. I appreciate your featuring my story there too. I feel honored! Seeing it spurred me on to finish the third installment, and in fact I’m half way through a fourth, if you remain interested.

Respectfully yours.

Hi Mistress:
I have been a subscriber to your website for several months now and I love it.
I live in the New York City area and wonder if you ever travel east and if so how could I have a session with you?

Thank you;

Having become a member, I must say that YOU represent the superior status of WOMEN: Always on top! YOUR picture, laughing and leaning back while sitting on an inferior's face, represents the deep and ancient power that the FEMALE has within HER and is only now beginning to recover. we males must learn to reset ourselves; we need to honor, obey, serve, and worship the all the emerging GODDESSES.
It is a great web site. I wish YOU would add YOUR thoughts to the pictorial display. Then, we could learn about YOU and know how better to serve YOU.

I have become a KARINITE!

Dear Mistress,
I joined your website today. I went straight to the golden shower session and looked at your toilet slave drinking your nectar straight from your pussy. I am so horny now I can't stand it.

Most Beautiful Mistress,
For the past several years (since coming onto the internet) I have searched for the " Beautiful Woman of my darkest fantasies" without much success. Tonight I came across "dickie virgin" and discovered Your website. I was compelled to join immediately by what I saw and am not disappointed (more like incredibly excited) by what I found.

Hi Goddess Karin
I'm a new member to you're site my name is raymond
and all I can say is that your are truly awesome.................
it is a pleasure and honor to be a member of your site
thank you


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